When they discovered the dog caringly feeding the kitten as though she were her own after saving the kitten from a ravine.

Very few people still believe in that phrase that says: “like cats and dogs”. Not only can we find videos where these pets coexist in absolute harmony, but we also find stories like that of a little dog who did everything possible to save the life of a kitten .

Officer Michelle Smith was the witness to this beautiful relationship. As a member of Anderson’s animal control service, Anderson County PAWS , she was alerted to a female dog who was frequently heard barking.

The neighbors believed that the dog was in trouble, so they decided to ask for the help of trained people .

When Michelle Smith attended to the emergency, she realized that the dog was at the bottom of a hill in a ravine , but she immediately realized that she was not alone: next to her was a small kitten in need.

The dog was nursing the little feline, and also protected her with her body, as if she were her own.

“They were at the bottom of a steep embankment, at the bottom of the ravine,” Michelle said.

When she got a little closer to where this unique couple was, Michelle realized that the dog had a collar and that she did not separate from the kitten under any circumstances .

At first, Michelle tried to look for the shih tzu’s puppies, but found no other animals except these two.

The woman believes that the dog heard the kitten and decided to go down to see what was happening, and then stayed by her side to take care of her.

Although the animal with a noble heart had the facility to leave the place, it did not want to abandon the feline, it wanted to get help in some way. The two were taken to the shelter facilities, where they were treated and checked to find out their health status.

The attachment to this little kitten is so great that once in the shelter the dog followed her by her side and they could not be separated.  Something that was to be expected, since the unique relationship that unites them goes beyond what is imaginable.

At first Michelle thought that, as in many other cases , the dog had a litter of puppies and she simply decided to adopt the kitten as one more, to warm her, feed her and keep her alive, but none of this turned out to be the case. .

This noble dog developed the conditions only to take care of the kitten and ensure that she was well . Without having any puppies of her own, she was able to nurse her and never leaves her alone.

After a medical evaluation, the veterinarians determined that both the dog and her sweet kitten were in perfect condition to be adopted and find a new home.

Currently she is called Goldie, while the kitten was called Kate. Both received these names in honor of Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn.

A man named Joe and his wife learned the story of the two little animals, fell in love immediately, and applied for adoption. After being studied in depth, the shelter decided that it was the perfect family.

They finally arrived at their new home where they now enjoy their new life full of comforts, but above all with a lot of love, and most importantly, together forever. We love these happy endings, we wish all the animals had the same fate!

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