While they slept nearby, a caregiver was consoling an orphaned elephant.

A little elephant that lost its mother had the joy of being helped by a hero who offered her warmth and protection when she needed it the most.

Mother Nature is infinite and perfect in its pure state, in her we see beautiful creatures that from birth often need the presence of their mother in order to survive. Unfortunately, there are many offspring that are orphaned victims of human cruelty.

However, there are more of us good guys and there will always be those who look out for the most vulnerable. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) is one such organization that does incredible work with elephants that have faced tough battles.

The organization is based in Kenya.

This organization is concerned with the welfare and recovery of orphaned elephants in particular. In addition to this, they also seek the conservation of wildlife, confronting poaching and anything that harms elephants and other animal species.

Because of their work and the passion with which they work, they are undoubtedly one of the most admirable organizations in the world.

The keepers not only care for them, but feed them and pamper them to sleep.

Recently they have shared a photograph that has left everyone with a permanent smile and a sigh of tenderness, it is about a baby elephant that due to the absence of his mother needed to feel comforted and protected.

In view of this, his caretaker decided to lie down next to him and cover him with a blanket, transmitting so much calm and love that the little elephant quickly fell asleep before his charms.

The blanket was covered with little elephants which made the scene even more tender. It is impossible not to be moved by admiring them.

The little elephant finally felt loved, protected and comforted.

Baby elephants are partially blind at birth, so they always need their mother to gradually face all the challenges of wild life.

As infants they sleep with their mother under her care and protection, they form such a strong bond that in her absence they feel exposed and vulnerable, loneliness does not go with them, that is why they suffer so much when they are trapped and caged.

Orphaned elephants must drink 2 bottles of specialized formula milk every three hours.

They need special care to survive without their mother at such a crucial stage when they are vulnerable and dependent. That is why the work of this group of rescuers is so important and they become the best support these little elephants can have.

Luckily, at the sanctuary they are treated with total love and respect, all the staff treat the elephants as if they were little babies who need all the attention and comfort. A spokesperson for the organization commented:

“Our most recent rescues, for whom the memory (trauma) is still fresh in their minds, often need a little extra comfort and, day or night, our keepers keep an eye on them to make sure they receive the protective presence they need to get through this very difficult time.”

While many elephants lose their mothers and their herds, and feelings of loneliness and sadness are inevitable, the entire staff does an incredible job of making them feel comfortable and safe, and by transmitting lots of love they make fear a thing of the past.

With steps full of patience and a lot of joy the caregivers make them feel that they have a new home and a family.

This organization also saves other species, if you want to donate or learn more about their work you can enter their website and get infected with all their magic. In zoorprendente we applaud the extraordinary work of all those who work in this institution fighting for the animals and the preservation of our planet.

Actions like these show us that only with infinite love we can transform things. Thank you for making a difference and reminding us that there are more of us who are good.

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